Monday, January 23, 2012

Their Reality and Our Reality !

I am a design engineer by profession. I consider it a very difficult profession. To be a good designer you have to learn a lot, experience a lot and then think a lot. All these activities are not so palatable for those who want to enjoy life without using their brains.

Whenever I find difficulty visualizing the complexities involved in making some designs come true, a thought comes to my mind. That is about those designers who visualized the designs of the most complex things that we ever can imagine !

Yes, I am referring to the material life forms that we see all around us. It encompasses every form of material life around us, including us.

I often try to think of a better design than what I observe in the design of my own body. No, I am not at all capable of doing that. A big 'Pranam' to those great designers!

But I cannot visualize them. I cannot see them. But my mind tells that they are real. Because no complex design is ever possible without the application of intelligent mind!

So my mind can recognise the reality of existence of superior intelligences that designed all these marvellous designs that we see in out material world.

As I cann't understand and visualize these intelligences, shall I simply say it is God, just as you all are saying. Oh, it is God and we cannot understand that. God is just beyond our comprehension. Why waste time and energy to think of something that we just cannot comprehend?

Any way we have been told to prostate ourselves before God. And we have been doing that.

But yet some curiosity and doubt about God and His ways. Is He alone ? How does He function ? Is He just commanding to create things just out of nothing like a magician ?

Does He have an organization of intelligent personalities doing the work for Him without we ever directly knowing about it?

Oh ! My God! Tell us whether you are a reality just as we think we are realities.

Those so called spiritual leaders and saints say that you are a reality. They also make money by teaching us that you teach them in secret.

But Oh God ! Are you a reality ? Do you understand our languages ? Do you understand our science and technology? Do you understand Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics ? Have you ever told our spiritual leaders about these things ?

I recently read a book supposedly written by unseen intelligent personalities from your side. There are too many authors, supposedly experts in various fields of knowledge.

Being a designer myself in the material realm, I am overwhelmed when one of the invisible authors of this book wrote about the work of artisans who work for you in the realms that are not discernable to us now.

Let me reproduce some of which this particualar author wrote:

"All these activities of the morontia and spirit worlds are real. To spirit beings the spirit world is a reality. To us the material world is the more unreal. The higher forms of spirits freely pass through ordinary matter. High spirits are reactive to nothing material excepting certain of the basic energies. To material beings the spirit world is more or less unreal; to spirit beings the material world is almost entirely unreal, being merely a shadow of the substance of spirit realities.

"I cannot, with exclusive spirit vision, perceive the building in which this narrative is being translated and recorded. A Divine Counselor from Uversa who chances to stand by my side perceives still less of these purely material creations. We discern how these material structures appear to you by viewing a spirit counterpart presented to our minds by one of our attending energy transformers. This material building is not exactly real to me, a spirit being, but it is, of course, very real and very serviceable to material mortals.

"There are certain types of beings who are capable of discerning the reality of the creatures of both the spirit and the material worlds. Belonging to this class are the so-called fourth creatures of the Havona Servitals and the fourth creatures of the conciliators. The angels of time and space are endowed with the ability to discern both spirit and material beings as also are the ascending mortals subsequent to deliverance from the life in the flesh. After attainment of the higher spirit levels the ascenders are able to recognize material, morontia, and spirit realities.

"There is also here with me a Mighty Messenger from Uversa, an ascendant Adjuster-fused, onetime mortal being, and he perceives you as you are, and at the same time he visualizes the Solitary Messenger, the supernaphim, and other celestial beings present. Never in your long ascendancy will you lose the power to recognize your associates of former existences. Always, as you ascend inward in the scale of life, will you retain the ability to recognize and fraternize with the fellow beings of your previous and lower levels of experience. Each new translation or resurrection will add one more group of spirit beings to your vision range without in the least depriving you of the ability to recognize your friends and fellows of former estates.

"But I almost despair of being able to convey to the material mind the nature of the work of the celestial artisans. I am under the necessity of constantly perverting thought and distorting language in an effort to unfold to the mortal mind the reality of these morontia transactions and near-spirit phenomena. Your comprehension is incapable of grasping, and your language is inadequate for conveying, the meaning, value, and relationship of these semispirit activities. And I proceed with this effort to enlighten the human mind concerning these realities with the full understanding of the utter impossibility of my being very successful in such an undertaking.

It seems to me Oh God, that you have undertaken some efforts to tell us about your ways now as we understand it in this 21st century. Many of the terms that the author has written are never heard by us before !

The author who wrote the above must be a reality as he talks with so much confidence and trying to talk about their realities and our realities inorder that we in our reality try to understand it.

But it will take most of us much time to come out of what our spiritual leaders have been teaching us all these ages. According to them, you just cannot teach us realities. At the most about Maya, illusions and about the abstract spirituality are that we can learn from you. That is what our enlightened spiritual leaders say.

Those who are not in their spell are few in numbers, O God !

[Reproduced from the Author's Blog at SiliconIndia Website]

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